PI(È)CE is an intergenerational project of scenic creation. Created in 2011, under the coordination and artistic direction of Constanza Brnčić, Albert Tola and Julio Álvarez and produced by the Tantarantana theater in Barcelona, Spain.

To enhance their image they made a new identity that would solve their visual communication, being able to reach their target customer more noticeably.

One of their most important tools was to develop their website respecting their new identity, and so we did it just as they designed it in their interface designs.

The website was developed in: Catalan, English and Spanish in order to reach all PI(È)CE users.

Together, USA

We collaborated with the art event Together, generating its website, to communicate its content and help position it in the eyes of locals and tourists, to align it with its broader strategic objectives: to be the most genuine and renowned emerging art event in Miami.

Its content was shaped and its layout was designed, according to the objective of brand identity. One that transmits union, modernity, emotion, oriented to the exterior, in the heart of downtown Miami.

Ronée, ESP/ARG

This brand of handbags and purses started in a workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ornella Mancini, a clothing designer, began to develop these timeless products, made of 100% vegetable tanned cowhide leather. After a few years, the brand had the opportunity to expand to Barcelona, Spain.

In a strategic approach, its beginnings have served as a basis to generate its visual and verbal language and content creation, all aimed at a global audience, we helped to position the brand.

The art direction highlights the personal and handcrafted character of the products. The end result is a global brand with style, substance and purpose.


Berturax is a new aluminum profiles company and its mission is to create a customized solution according to the needs of each of its customers with the highest quality. Their owners contacted us to generate their naming, brand identity and website.

They needed their clients to be able to recognize, remember and relate their name and what they do, so the naming and branding process was not easy but efficient. They had to communicate being a young company, but with solid brand attributes.

Their website continued the branding identity process, responding to the client’s brief.


Inspired by the environment of beauty for women and artistic eccentricity, we helped to define and name a project that was born from scratch.

Brows&Beauty is a project of aesthetics for women, wanting to differentiate itself from the rest, where the visual design is very generic in the field.

Brows&Beauty called us to create their brand identity, naming and website. Generating good results after its launch.

Finesterre Gestión Fiduciaria

In its 15-year history Finesterre has combined management and architectural projects with a focus on transparency in each of them.

They needed a brand identity that communicated their values, the work and details that go into each of their projects, and a website that would bring these case studies to life. Unifying their business units into a single brand.

In keeping with this approach, the visual identity is sober and extensive: some aspects of the word mark are “hidden”, but the whole name is revealed, with the use of color in each unit to differentiate them and generate an identity of its own that coexists with the mother brand.

Each project has its own challenges, nuances and history. Working closely with the client, we were able to capture their story in the development of the identity system.


Unlike many competitors that offer wellness products, the Sahumar brand is committed to sustainability and environmental care.

Most of its products are made with organic raw materials and sustainable materials. They are true organic Sahumerios. From there comes a wide variety of products and aromas of author.

Their ecommerce site was created in collaboration with the brand. It is artistically elaborated. The content and art direction convey a social experience and an experiential lifestyle, which is inspired by the esoteric youth lifestyle.

The big challenge was to develop and generate a shopping experience for their wholesalers and distributors. All in one place.

The end result is a dynamic site, increasing their sales considerably.

Modum Group

Modum Group, a company dedicated to satellite communication support. Where nothing reaches, there is your connection for those who need it most. We generate a solid and differential brand identity within the industry.

The website is the most visible expression. Acting as a brand enhancer, Gabina worked with the Modum Group team to define the strategic approach and content strategy – making sure the website aligned with the business objectives while responding to the brand’s ambition – and that helped choose the right technology partner that they needed.


After a decade working in the kitchen and wine accessories industry. Its founder contacted us to bring his new brand XUTILL to life. We saw an opportunity to position the brand as part of a generational movement towards moderation at a time when customer experience has never been more important.

The brand ethos of “Live the Experience” became a creative guide that served as the basis for the visual and verbal expression, appealing to a new type of brand, positioning itself to a younger audience, targeting both male and female audiences. This reflected the founder’s vision of moving away from a more elitist and conservative world.

The result is a brand that embodies a young and fun brand experience.

Gabina developed its ecommerce site. It is aimed at both a local and international audience.

Porto de Cima Surf Hostel, BRA

Porto de cima surf hostel located on the picturesque island of Morro de Sao Paulo in Brazil. It stopped being a quiet inn for couples to become a hostel, with a young spirit, preserving the rustic of the place, generating experiences around the world of surfing.

In collaboration with the owners of the hostel, we looked for a way to briefly highlight its differential in the saturated hotel sector of the island.

The solution was to create a solid brand identity, aimed at a young foreign audience, positioning Porto de Cima as the best option among young people when choosing a place that offers nature, entertainment and reliable service, being quickly recognized among locals and tourists.