Finesterre Gestión Fiduciaria

In its 15-year history Finesterre has combined management and architectural projects with a focus on transparency in each of them.

They needed a brand identity that communicated their values, the work and details that go into each of their projects, and a website that would bring these case studies to life. Unifying their business units into a single brand.

In keeping with this approach, the visual identity is sober and extensive: some aspects of the word mark are “hidden”, but the whole name is revealed, with the use of color in each unit to differentiate them and generate an identity of its own that coexists with the mother brand.

Each project has its own challenges, nuances and history. Working closely with the client, we were able to capture their story in the development of the identity system.

Client: Finesterre
Services: Diseño, Branding, Website

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